4 Social Media Tips You Can Use Right Now

The internet is full of hints, tips and strategies about making social media work for you. Entire books have been written on the subject!

Although there are plenty of gems out there, lots of the advice you’ll find is outdated, spammy, needs huge advertising budgets or will take up hours upon hours of your time before it pays off.

Rather than leaving you to sift through everything on your own, we’ve picked out 4 social media tips that you can put into practice today, right now.


1. Get Acquainted With A Scheduling App

You probably don’t want to be sitting on social media for 24 hours a day. Life is just too busy for that. Ten minutes here-or-there is probably much closer to the time you have to spend on social media.

A key to maintaining a happy and healthy social media presence is to keep your followers engaged. You want them to notice you, so make it easy for them. It’s much better to publish tweets or posts when your followers or fans are online and checking their accounts than when they’re sleeping. You’ll appear front row and center that way and won’t leave people having to scroll through hours and hours of posts to find your update (most people won’t).

Thankfully, it’s easy to find out when your followers are checking their accounts and you won’t need to be physically hitting publish at those specific times of the day. There’s an app for that. In fact, there are several.

Apps like Tweriod are great for finding out when your audience is online. Then you can use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your tweets for the optimal times. This way, you can maximize the impact of your ten minutes here-or-there on social media.


2. Offer Something People Want

This might sound obvious, but on social media you need to offer something that people actually want. The clue is in the name really – this is social media and not “self-promotion” media.

Give people information they actually want to read. Make them laugh, teach them something they want to know, get involved in a conversation, it doesn’t really matter how you do it. Just make sure you’re offering something of value to people and not simply looking to gain out of every single interaction. Blatant self-promotion on social media is easy to spot a mile off.


3. Make Some Friends

I’m mainly talking about other businesses here. If you like, favorite, share, retweet, or pin interesting posts from companies that complement yours (that are related but probably not direct competitors), they’re likely to play along and interact with you too. You’ll benefit by gaining exposure when they share your posts with their followers and you’ll also be able to share their relevant and interesting posts with your own fans.

This exchange can be an effective way of creating a bit of interest and reaching new audiences. Taco Bell and Old Spice often do this well, as in this example when they took a couple of playful swings at each other.


4. Reuse And Repurpose Your Content

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there’s more than one social network out there. Publishing on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as well as any of the smaller networks will help to reach the most people. However, that’ll also take up a lot more of your time than just focusing on one social network.

Perhaps the most efficient way to use your time on social media is to choose one to really engage with your followers or fans and the rest to broadcast updates. Let’s say you choose Twitter (which may or may not be the best choice for your business) to have most of your conversations with your followers. You could still update Facebook and Pinterest, but a little less frequently than Twitter.

Use exactly the same content on all of the major social networks when you’re sharing blog posts, quotes, images or videos. You might just need to tweak it a little for each different network. Adjust image sizes, tags and the update text for each network and hit publish. Being active on three social networks doesn’t need to take three times the amount of time as being active on just one.

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